Who is Sophie Mudd? Age, Relationship, Height, Body Measurement, Instagram

Sophie Mudd is one of the hottest and youngest model sensations in North America. In addition to her formal modeling career, she is also a successful Instagram social media influencer.

Who is Sophie Mudd? Bio and Overview

While much of Sophie Mudd’s personal life remains private, it is clear that she was born and raised in privilege.

Sophie’s parents sent her to one of Southern California’s most elite private schools, Campbell Hall, where tuition costs exceed $40,000 per student. Sophie and her brother attended school together and were stellar student-athletes during their tenure at Campbell. While Sophia was still in school, the Mudd family moved to Beverly Hills.

Around the same time, Sophie found her professional calling as a model and social media power user. As a result of her activity on Snapchat and Instagram, FHM formally dubbed Sophie Mudd as the next Emily Ratajkowski (a veteran model and celebrity influencer).

Contrary to what Sophie’s gregarious photos imply, those close to her say that Sophie is notably shy, sweet, and thoughtful. Few can deny that Sophie’s accelerated rise to fame is a result of her determination and hard work.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys creating healthy recipes, traveling, and watching anime films.

How Old is Sophie Mudd?

Sophie Mudd was born in Los Angeles on July 27, 1998.

What is Sophie Mudd worth?

By the time she turned 21 years old in 2019, her net worth had exceeded a quarter of a million dollars.

Sophie Mudd’s Height, Weight, Size, and Race

Sophie Mudd Age Relationship Height Body Measurement Instagram
Source: Instagram – Sophiemudd

Sophie is reportedly between five-foot-five (5’5”) and five-foot-seven (5’7”) in height, weighing between 120 and 130 pounds.

While a teenager, Sophie’s bra size quickly reached the D cup. Her ample chest is one of her more distinguishable attributes as a professional model. Sophie’s tiny waist (24 inches) further enhances her impressive upper body.

Sophie’s natural hair color is brunette, and she has brown eyes to match. Her ethnicity is a mixture of Latin and Caucasian.

Professional Career

Soon after Sophie’s spark of popularity on Snapchat, she partnered with MP Management and began a formal modeling career.

FHM’s endorsement of Sophie Mudd as a supermodel further propelled Sophie into stardom. She has posed for such famous brands as Cloudten, Level Up Yoga, Nike, Frankies, Body Glove Girl, Revolve, DIFF Eyewear, Alo Yoga, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Romeo Power Technology, Prix Workshop, Shadow Hill, Le Jolie, Bananhot, and more.

Due to Sophie’s social media influencer brand, much of her professional modeling career overlaps with her influencer business partnerships.

Sophie Mudd’s Rise to Fame on Instagram

Sophie Mudd is a social media influencer on Instagram with over one and a half million followers. Marketing experts formally dub her a “celebrity influencer,” and as such, brands frequently hire Sophie to be the face of their influencer campaigns.

Sophie built her social media fan base through her consistent lifestyle posts over several years. As a professional model, most of her posts revolve around her fashion and beauty choices.

Fully embodying the “Instababe” stereotype, Sophie is not afraid to show off her body and push the envelope with her wardrobe. In the example above, she ventures into freezing weather wearing nothing but earmuffs and underwear (arguably sized for one far less endowed in the chest department).

But it would be unfair to define Sophie only in terms of her sex appeal. She frequently promotes self-care and social causes on her social media presence.

Additionally, many attribute Sophie’s social media success to her above-average intellect and ambition. Sexy photos combined with catchy, snarky, and even hilarious quips caused Sophie’s posts to go viral on Snapchat and Instagram long before she began her career as an Instagram influencer.

Today, Sophie most often partners with yoga apparel brands, along with various fashion and beauty product lines.

Sophie Mudd Nude Controversy

Sophie Mudd Age Relationship Height Body Measurement Instagram
Source: Instagram – Sophiemudd

Sophie is famous for her enormous breasts atop her tiny waist. Her scantily clad upper body reveals a great deal, including large doses of under and side boob. Sophie seems more than happy to tease her lusting fans.

In a June 2018 photoshoot, Sophie delightfully unzipped her Body Glove workout bra as far as it would go – just shy of her top separating completely. Her playful smirk to the sky indicates that she is doing more than acting as the brand ambassador for Body Glove. Sophie is tantalizing her fans, and it would be neither the first nor the last time she set out to do so.

Several Sophie Mudd nude photos circulated the Internet after this year’s photoshoot with Jared Kocka. Her photos reveal a fully exposed backside and Sophie Mudd topless shots showing all but her nipples (since only Sophie’s hands cover them). Sophie and Jarad’s professional relationship goes as far back as Sophie’s early years as a model.

The most notorious Sophie Mudd nude controversy pertains to a public “nip slip” that occurred during a video of Sophie in January 2017. While on set for a photoshoot in her stars and stripes bikini, Sophie begins bouncing up and down (rather fanatically). As fate would have it – and to no one’s surprise – Sophie’s right nipple pokes out the side  and into view for those watching the clip. She notices the mishap a bit too late and giggles while resetting her wardrobe.

Sophie’s “nip slip” video is hard to find, most likely due to her branding team’s intentional efforts to erase it from existence. But as celebrity nude pics and sex tapes go, they usually find their way back online like a PR game of “whack-a-mole.”

Family and Relationships

Sophie Mudd Age Relationship Height Body Measurement Instagram
Source: Instagram – Sophiemudd

Because of Sophie Mudd’s efforts to keep her personal life behind closed doors, most people don’t know the details of her family and romantic relationships. From time to time, Sophie alludes to a close bond with her mother, along with casual mentions of her enterprising brother (Nicolas).

Sophie Mudd’s love interests have included Conrad Hilton Jr. and Austin Dash. Her latest romantic relationship with Austin made the most waves online, including the two of them sharing a pet dog. Sophie also hinted at the possibility of trying to have a child with Austin, calling him a “future baby daddy.” They reportedly began dating back in 2017.

Austin is himself a model and social media personality eight years Sophie’s senior. Multiple Instagram posts from both Sophie and Austin’s accounts show the two lovebirds traveling alone around the world. They also show plenty of public affection with words, hugs, and kisses.

Rumor has it that Austin Dash recorded an album entitled “Malibu,” wherein he describes his adventures with Sophie. Unfortunately, the album hardly made the headlines with the exception that it energized rumors over the possibility that Sophie Mudd was no longer single.

As public as Austin and Sophie have allowed their relationship to become, they have made no official announcement as a dating couple or engagement.

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